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Revolutionary Coating System applied directly on Rusted Surfaces

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Revolutionary Coating System applied directly on Rusted Surfaces. The Corrosion particles get intertwined in the resin matrix to form a Corrosion-free, Fire Retardant, Chemical Resistant, Armor Coating. Little or No Surface preparation required prior to coating. UV resistant and resistant to aggressive weathering in different climates. Environment friendly & VOC compliant - has no Zinc, Chromates, Heavy metals, and Acids. Rust Bullet has Two US patents for its unique Corrosion Control formula. Good for Potable water applications as it meets EPA Drinking Water Coating Regulations. The Coating System offers a warranty for 10 years. The temperature resistance of Rust Bullet is 156°C continuous and 329°C for 72 hours of exposure. Rust Bullet bonds to all surfaces including Concrete Surfaces. Can be applied by Brush, Roller, or Spray. Rust Bullet is ABS approved for many applications including Marine & Offshore Hull coatings and for offshore Rigs and Vessels. Rust Bullet is tested and field-proven to resist fungus and similar micro or macro growth
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