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Breathing Air Products

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When lives depend on the choices you make, making the right one is never more important

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Breathing Air Products

BA Hoses

When lives depend on the choices you make, making the right one is never more important. Choosing a breathing air hose, intended for its purpose, is essential for you to maintain your workplace safety while working in toxic or unfriendly environments.


Connects the LP Respiratory Breathing Apparatus to the Breathing Air Supply Manifold.

Connect HP supply from Breathing Air compressor to the Cascade System’s manifold

Available in Thermoplastic, Rubber & PVC.

Spiral hose resistant to scorching and damage while exposed to sparks in welding or steel cutting environments.


BA Coupling & Nipple

Breathing Air couplings have a high-flow rate, a broad connection range and require only minimal force to connect. With the vital function of supplying breathing air, the need for safety and reliability is of the utmost importance. The products are designed and manufactured to exacting standards, which has resulted in years of trouble-free service.


BA Hose Reels

At times the length of  Breathing Air hose is long and possess tripping hazard and it is recommended to use hose reel. These are for LP Breathing Air Hose.

Maintenance work at refineries often requires airline Breathing Air masks with filter or rescue bottle.

Manual reels on trolley's are most common, but also fixed spring driven reels are used.

Reels available for other applications like, Compressed Air, Water, Electrical, Food, Chemicals, Agricultural, Construction, Firefighting, Mining, Offshore, Workshop, Ground support equipment, Welding, Cutting Lube, Refuelling, pressure washin, Fire truck and Lube truck.


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