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Bolting Equipment

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Bolting Equipment items

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Bolt Tensioners

  • No torsional loading of fasteners
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Safe and synchronized hands-free operation
  • Direct loading without any damage to the assembly

Flange Spreaders

  • Manually and hydraulically operated tools
  • Safe and convenient for flange disassembly and lifting
  • Available in Mini, Standard, and Maxi kit options
  • Lightweight and minimal maintenance

Impact Wrenches

  • Available from ¼" to 2 ½" square drive sizes
  • Different models up to 25000 NM capacities
  • Pneumatically operated heavy-duty tools
  • Compact and updated design for comfortable usage

Nut Splitters

  • A hydraulic tool with versatile application
  • Flexible and compact design for multi-angle usage
  • Precise and durable chisels for accurate cutting
  • Can be used with manual, electric and pneumatic pumps

Torque Multipliers

  • Low energy input with high torque transfer
  • Available from 2700 NM till 47500 NM capacity
  • ½" minimum input to 2 ½? maximum output square drives
  • Optional compact models for constrained spaces
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