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Non-Destructive Testing

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Non-Destructive Testing for the Aerospace and General Industries

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Chemetall is your one-stop supplier of approved NDT products for all industry sectors. Whenever you need to perform liquid penetrant or magnetic particle testing, we can offer you the optimum products and processes, combined and enhanced by expert service and specialized NDT equipment.

With Chemetall we can offer the following Technology Portfolio

  • Ardrox® NDT products for the aerospace industry
  • Britemor®, Checkmor® PT products for the general industry
  • Lumor®, Supramor® MT products for the general industry

Following are the salient features

  • High-tech eco-friendly products for fast and safe detection of indications
  • A comprehensive range of approvals for a wide range of applications
  • Integrated solutions: products, equipment, and service from one source
  • Global presence and local NDT expert support
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